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Etiquettes to be followed inside a casino

We know that every person visiting a casino has lots of thoughts on their minds. What do I do first at the casino, walk around without playing or play Blackjack or Roulette? Or keep hand at the Slot Machine? Shall I take the free drinks offered? Make some friends? Can I actually try a little cheating? Well, it’s not uncommon for a Newbie going to a casino to have all these questions. We understand your nervousness, excitement, your first Wow Moment that’s going to be! For the rest, it’s good to make a note of few points.

But, just like any other place, it’s essential for all of us to follow or maintain certain basic etiquettes while at a particular destination. Like, you must remain silent in a church or temple, not use your cell phones etc., even casinos have certain etiquettes to be followed, for your good. When you know what you should do or not at a public place, you will feel more comfortable and chances of you getting into trouble will be less.

But, before anything, be sure of your age or those friends whom you are taking along. Age is definitely a barrier to a casino. Many nations accept 18 years older to a casino, but surely with an ID proof. Few countries have the barrier at 21. So please don’t go and embarrass yourself. Security is another major part which you must be aware of. Never accept others tokens or coins just casually.

Chances are that they might be trying to cheat you. We are in an advanced age where cameras, specialized ones are everywhere to watch the happenings in a place. The casino industry is well equipped with cctv and gets it footages as and when required. Except at the restrooms and rooms, cameras are located everywhere.Yes, if you win big, then you are even more under scrutiny. They will check your footages, if you have ever cheated how you played. They own all the rights to monitor your every move.

There are cameras, specialized ones everywhere to watch the happenings in a place. So if you are heading to casino, to try a cheating method and make money, think again.

As soon as you enter casino, make sure that you get a card created for you. That’s how you earn points and get offers and benefits.

Most casinos offer discounts in food and stay for the card holders, check out regularly.

Never touch any equipment’s with two hands. Keep the dice used in games above the table, in the eye view of the dealer.

Do not disturb other players, if you are not playing. Stand away and watch.There are different rooms for any card games, it varies from each place, be sure to read the signs before you enter the place.

Do not place any items on the gaming tables, like your wallets, purse etc. chances are that you might lose them, or they might consider you as a cheater.

All these measures will help you to stay away from any problems and have a wonderful experience every time you visit.

If you happen to take someone along, ensure that they are far from the playing tables. Few casinos are very strict about those viewers, as sometimes they are the ruckus creators.Don’t collect your chips once you have placed your bet.You cannot reserve specific cards.Do not try to peep into others happenings.Don’t hesitate to ask for any help, from the staff of the casino. They are well trained and are always available to your help.

Every game has different set of rules in each bingo sites, though their playing strategy is the same. Be sure to read the game rules before putting your hand on to it.If you are into betting, be sure to let your bookie know about the game or player you are going to bet on.Be better with the machines, just because they are machines you can’t act as you like. They are the properties of the casino and any damage; you will be responsible for it.

Never use foul language. Yea we understand you are either happy or sad, but it’s not correct to use bad languages which might hurt others and even disturb others peace.Don’t shout and scream along when you are in groups. To a little extent its fine, as everyone can understand and enjoy rejoicing, but it shouldn’t be overdone.



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