Our Team

Team is a collective word and without team, no organisations would flourish. Wonderful company is the result of a great Team effort and it applies to casinos as well. They have team for every minute task, like a team for games separately, HR team, Finance team, marketing team, advisory council etc.Only with efforts of all these groups collectively the casino can build an empire in its name.Each team member is chosen very carefully. Though higher qualifications are not required for certain task, sure higher level of understanding is imparted to them. Every employee is given enough training before getting hands on the job. HR Team is responsible for the recruiting and other administering works. They are the main team which brings in good employees. Finds out their capabilities, their faults and other any important factors and make them well versed with the environment.

Every member is given chance to bring out their best. Casinos have become very professional just like other MNCs and follow many of their principles.Finance team as you all know deals with money. When casino is mainly running on this big Money, it’s very crucial for the team members to be highly qualified. In case of anything less, its money that matters, which goes over never to return. So this team has the great responsibility of the company’s money matters, how well they are doing, what needs to be done to improve business, to reduce costs and increase returns. Best investment plans are made by this team. You can call them assets too.Just as money is important to a casino, Marketing is equally important. Without this, they can’t bring in business. So this team is also equally responsible for the share in success of the casino. Now with so much competition, this team has to give their best of brains and body’s to grab those patrons’ hearts and win accolades for them and their team.With well-equipped and well trained staff, great team members, casinos rock and roll every night. And you enjoy the best of the world’s experience.



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